That's right. It's all those polls that are titled Save Our Show.

And we all know what I want you to do.

So here's the link. Remember, Baby Street (not Baby Taylor) will cry for every vote not made. And as a result I will cry. And from that I will make everyone's life unhappy while I search for a new fandom.

So, really, it's just easier on everyone if y'all just click the link.
* Some 6,250 minifootballs are spiraling their way toward Ben Silverman as we speak.
* NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker will soon be receiving 7,500 minifootballs.
* The Any Soldier website will be distributing 42 Friday Night Lights DVDs to troops stationed overseas, thanks to the funding of FNL fans.
* Friday Night Lights fans have also contributed to the following organizations:
* Gridiron Heroes, a charity that helps high schoolers who have suffered spinal cord injuries while playing high school football, much like Jason Street did in the pilot, $308. FNL's exec producer sits on the board of the Gridiron Heroes foundation.
* U.S. Quad Rugby Association, $200
* The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis, $1,200, in conjunction with the Television Without Pity posters
* Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Taylor Kitsch's favorite charity, $308

(total number of footballs as of 16,978 minifootballs that have been bought NOT including whatever TWoP's group has sent. [but if anyone has that number please send it to me] BALLPIT!)
Dear [ profile] malkin_dad,

I see you are once again investing in my obsession future.

I promise that it will pay off :D

- [ profile] 1407graymalkin


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