It gets better! Scott on FunnyorDie pranking a WoW loving friend:

PT. 1

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PT 2.

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Scott teaches Masi to BeatBox
1407graymalkin: (woot)
( Apr. 17th, 2008 03:33 pm)

Dear Scott:

That's hot. But odd. Mostly hot.


(the video in question)
Dear Scott Porter:

Right. So you can get in my pants (again) for this comment:

From the Futon Critic's PaleyFest FNL Panel Recap:

Michael brings up the infamous "three way" scene between Minka, Scott and Taylor. "Reading it on the page we were like, 'What?!'" says Minka. "It's these three kids have grown up together," Scott explains. "And have seen more tragedy with the loss of parents, the loss of the ability to walk or a loss of innocence. I mean there's so much that the three of them have been through... and at the end we kind of took it as a... they just all love each other. It's not necessarily that their story's over but I think Jason and Lyla definitely found a whole level of friendship and whether or not Riggins and Lyla are done it's... I think Lyla and Jason have reached a point where finally they're comfortable enough in loving each other in a way that's not [in a] lasting relationship form but instead in a friendship form. And it took some convincing from Jason and Jeff and it turned out exactly the way they said it would. That's what makes the show so successful and genuine is the level of trust we have in each other. We didn't trust the words on the page but we trust Jeff and Jason implicitly." Michael asks, "[But] what was it like actually shooting the scene?" "It was awesome!" Minka quips. "I was actually pretty special... It felt the way it was, just really sweet. We are all friends and we do have a great relationship in our life. It was actually as special as it looked. It was sweet. We were all scared to do it and we all didn't want to do it and we were all afraid how it was going to look and it all kind of shone through."

And This:

Before audience Q&A starts, Michael goads Scott into recreating his "Pop Goes My Heart" dance from "Music & Lyrics." Afterward, Scott admits that Taylor likes to make him do it.


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