Question: What's the word on Friday Night Lights? --Tony

Ausiello: The two season, 26-episode pickup will be announced any day now. Unfortunately, it looks like Tyra will only be appearing in a handful of those 26, as (future CSI: Miami guest star) Adrienne Palicki is not expected back full time. Ditto Minka Kelly, who was recently cast in the CW pilot Body Politic opposite Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring. Both will likely be given multi-episode arc send-offs a la Gaius Charles' Smash and Scott Porter's Jason.

This bares being said to [ profile] ischkabibble DON'T BOTHER TO FOSTER A NICHE UNPOPULAR SHOW MY ASS.
Sources confirm to me exclusively that NBC is engaged in active talks with DirecTV to extend their unique shared-window experiment with Friday Night Lights. But there's a catch -- and it's a good one. According to an insider close to the negotiations, DTV and NBC might only seal the deal if they can get – holy Connie Britton Taylor! -- a two-season pickup.

There's more, but this is all the Ausiello I care about today.

ETA: And because they always have to one up each other --- (Watch with) Kristin) tracked down Kyle Chandler for a quote.


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