Statistical Proof that if Ben Silverman can be a power player in this industry, so can I

In related news, in just a few short days I will be 1 year away from a degree in Television. This occasionally worries me, but then I see the fact that NBC still let's Silverman have both money and power in the recession and figure that I'll be okay somehow.

Also worth noting, when we googled ourselves at Passover last night, I am predominately linked to Friday Night Lights, then my father and then my own business pursuits. I vow to have that change in 5 years.
In all my Oscars Twitter Excitement yesterday I forgot to post that my site, the one I posted about in passing a while ago is ALIVE

No seriously, it is.

And it will become more alive everyday. Soon it will learn to walk and function like a real site!


What...we're RTA students and bored......
1407graymalkin: (spec)
( Apr. 8th, 2008 12:50 am)
Didn't get the TARA, but I lost to the guy who deserved it and whose stuff I loved. I swear people, he's gonna be big (like me!) some day in the writing world.

I'm gonna try and fuss with the video we took later to see if I can post a picture of Friday Night Lights - Free-falling - My Name
1407graymalkin: (friendship)
( Apr. 6th, 2008 08:24 pm)
I'm nominated for tomorrow's T.A.R.A. (Television and Radio Awards) for my FNL spec script.

Fingers crossed, but I won't be devestated if all I got was a Nom.


ps. So EXAUSTED from last night's Air Farce Wrap.
Dear Writing Teacher.

OH HOW I MISSED YOU! Thank you for being so continually awesome (minus that one time....I forgave you when my mark came back so high)

I look forward to spending 3 hours with you and my favorite fictional people every Thursday.

- Malkin

p.s. LOST? SERIOUSLY? It was even worse when you named off all the shows you like to/want to watch. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WATCH AN HOUR OF LOST!?

p.p.s. [ profile] ischkabibble it was "The Sweet Hearafter" not "Ever After" sorry.


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