So here is the polite reply from the seller of the item:

You are an incredible idiot. Your payment cleared on Dec. 17. Your item shipped out on Dec. 18. What more do you want? And, by the way, this is the first email I've received from you about this. Learn some patience. Your item was sent out within 24 hours of your payment clearing. That is incredibly fast.

I suppose we should all just be thankful he speaks in English and not netspeak. But [profile] malkin_dad doesn't ever let dead things lie. He puts on his CoachTaylorisPissed!Face and writes back:
1407graymalkin: (x-mas)
( Dec. 21st, 2007 07:31 pm)
So at the beginning of the month I asked very nicely for Santa!Dad to get me a FNL pilot script  for my birthday/christmas/hunnakah/removalofteeth/specscriptforwritingclassthiscomingsemester present.

He complied, and we won. He sent out 3 emails while PayPal took it's SWEETASS time to move from Canadian to US funds. Not hard, I promise.

It went through on the 17th/18th around midnight and still nothing from the seller. I'm not so worried or pissed because it's the holidays and this guy has a pretty good review. EXCEPT! GASP! When dealing international. So we wait, and wait, and today dad finds ANOTHER FNL PILOT SCRIPT for sale by the same guy. So he writes his ANGRY EBAY LETTER which ends in: Feel free to forward this to the seller.  He's totally ruined my  daughter's birthday and Christmas and, if I had free reign, he'd be rotting in prison - or worse.

And we wonder where my crazy vigilante rage comes from.

See, my daddy is much more excellent than Hallmark!Santa :D

So. Over at NBC, some happy pixie has posted:

Returns Sunday, May 27 9/8c

Which means that week, all three of my favorite puppies will be on the air (Heroes finale, return of Studio 60 AND Friday Night Lights)

(ps. NBC, you're the worst card player ever. No, I don't want to peak at your cards. Lay them down on the F*ING TABLE and play.)

Question: Any news on the Friday Night Lights renewal?— Peter
Ausiello: Yes, and it's good: My mole at the Burbank-based Peacock Travel Agency tells me that certain key cast members have already booked their flights back to Texas in July.

excellent. time to also start pestering [ profile] malkin_dad

p.s he also spoiled Mama!Petrelli's power and I love [ profile] orcacait and therefore won't say what it is. But omgawesomesauce.
Wanna guess who made the icon. In about 10sec. While blogging, chatting and talking on the phone while watching TV. And, for all I know, curing cancer. [profile] malkin_dad

Do you people see what I have to put up with? Now the snark has moved online.

(although I'm up for an all out post war with you any day old man....)

*off to make a rocking Julie icon*


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