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( Jan. 5th, 2008 03:43 pm)
My shiny red baby is back in my loving lap again. I'm currently uploading my iPod back on and slowly rebuilding. But the Harddrive needs a name. Apparently Coach Taylor only caused it heartache.

Suggestions? (not Coach Street. That is my old one and he likes his name.)

EDIT: *snuggles* All better now. Oh how I missed my pretty. Speaking of, in the crash I lost two FNL wallpapers that were blackbased with 4 rectangular screencaps in the middle. One of them said Texas Forever and I believe the other had a picture of the field and of the road leading into Dillon. If anyone has them on their harddrive/knows which post they came from I would <3 you :D
So we had a brownout last night and [profile] malkin_dad's CPU exploded in his computer. Not to bad except he has to wait to get a new one since no one is open on NYD. Then tonight my computer froze so I did a quick shut down and low and behold, it won't turn back on. I load it and it stays on the blue screen that comes before the actual desktop.

I've tried everything to get it to work and right now I've taken the battery out and am letting it cool down, totally shut off with no sources of electricity plugged in. I booked a genius for tomorrow afternoon and I'm going to try and sneak in when they open tomorrow but this is not happiness.

I've got my fingers crossed super tight that it's nothing terrible/my data doesn't get lost/that I wake up tomorrow and the magic computer fairies have stopped by to magically restore it.

As a side not, 1 inch all around clearly makes a difference. I'm on my old laptop (now malkin_brother's) and it feels too small.


EDIT: So the two brownouts and some other unknown thing caused my harddrive to fry like an egg. They didn't have the part instore but THINK they'll get it tomorrow. So it could be between 3 - 7 days. My guess is I'll have it back Saturday because they constantly exaggerate wait times to make them look excellent when they get it done fast and not bad when they don't. But still. The stupid thing is only 5 months old. RAR!

ps. Happy New Year to my flist. Hopefully you're all starting off on a better note. :D


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