First Buffy, then Shawn Ashmore now Gossip Girl!

Is it terrible how BADLY I want to do a crossover between FNL and Gossip Girl where the groups are internet penpals. And that possibly leads SOMEHOW to a Nathan/Tim undertone? (Okay, yes, I admit, I have a serious problem with wanting Taylor Kitsch to get into Chace Crawford's pants and I might have been taking it out on Scott Porter a little. So SUE ME.)

Actually....Tim (one sided T/J) mutually whining with Chuck (one sided C/N)  might be hot too.

Bonus if it took place somehow before the accident in FNL but after Serena comes back in GG.


I really need my laptop back to dabble with this. I also need it back to start my spec script and WHY DEAR FANDOM GODS WHY must the muse hit when I am without my baby?

(why yes, I do have a thing against pen/paper creative writing I blame many things)
FINALLY! -- 4 episodes in and they finally mention that Blair's a frequent fantasizer of Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's.
1407graymalkin: (gossip girl)
( Sep. 18th, 2007 11:29 pm)
Gossip Girl Pilot Thoughts.

Pros: The casting is awesome in terms of acting and 8/10 in terms of visuals. They truly managed to lift these characters straight of the page, sometimes word for word. You lose some of the inside their head stuff, and they're not quite as human as say...my Dillon babies, but for the mood and the tone of the show/book/concept they're perfect. Also, the music was SO well done.

Cons: Certain creative liberties were taken. Certain harped upon character details were erased and altered into things that aren't as good as the original Canon.

Verdict: Well it didn't let me down at all. And I feel it'll find it's audience.


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