Statistical Proof that if Ben Silverman can be a power player in this industry, so can I

In related news, in just a few short days I will be 1 year away from a degree in Television. This occasionally worries me, but then I see the fact that NBC still let's Silverman have both money and power in the recession and figure that I'll be okay somehow.

Also worth noting, when we googled ourselves at Passover last night, I am predominately linked to Friday Night Lights, then my father and then my own business pursuits. I vow to have that change in 5 years.
6250 footballs and climbing (as well as $200 going to a Quad Rugby charity and the next challenge, $1000 for the Bounacciti Fund.

All from Save Friday Nights Lights

I personally am looking forward to hearing exactly what Ben Silverman and co (especially those poor people in the mail room) are going to do with that many footballs (and rising)
NBC has, yes, picked up Heroes for a third season. (No shocker there.) But the network has also ordered second, 13-episode seasons of both Chuck and Life, says the Reporter.

Heroes, meanwhile, will air more than 22 episodes (the exact number is TBD) when it returns. None of the three shows will air new fare this spring. - TV Guide


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